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Rosa Wang, social impact pioneer, examines how mobile technology frontiers are providing financial access, connectivity, identity and empowerment for people across the world – from Kenya to India.

Rosa is the Senior Advisor and former Global Director for Digital Financial Services at Opportunity International. She joins us to share stories from her global journey. Where she has collating first hand insights of resilience from the far reaches of the mobile phone revolution. From bank voice messages in rural dialects to the challenges for women in accessing mobile phones.

Rosa unpacks the uncomfortable question of what being poor really means… both the fundamental realities of living on less than $2 a day, and the positive connections these circumstances can forge.

Rosa shares why she is championing human stories and making the voices of those less heard – loader. The result… Rosa has compiled the stories she has collected on mobile technology frontiers into her book – Strong Connections: Stories of Resilience from the Far Reaches of the Mobile Phone Revolution.

Rosa says: “I wrote this because one day, hopefully soon, I believe that every person on the planet will have their own mobile phone, and when that day arrives, and historians document this remarkable revolution, I want the untold stories of the women in this book to be part of the written record. I want there to be an account of innovative village practices, the rich tapestry of their successes and failures, tales of their resilience and of their dogged hard work.”

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