New Africa: Closing Africa’s Energy Gap

This year’s New Africa Report with the Initiative for Global Development explores the mix of strategies needed to close Africa’s energy gap – an issue that is routinely cited by large and small businesses as the most significant barrier to their success, and which also impacts healthcare and education outcomes.

New Africa: Nigeria – From Growth to Opportunity

How can business tap into the opportunities that Nigeria presents, while also maximising its contribution to long-term growth and broad-based socio-economic impact? Read our Report with on launched in Abuja in 2014.

New Africa: From Growth to Jobs

The Report brings together leading business voices from Africa to explore two themes: that Africa is good for business, and that business is good for Africa.

The New Africa: Emerging Opportunities for Business and Africa

The world is waking up to a New Africa. The predominant theme in the emerging narrative is no longer war, famine and disease but rather strong economic performance. Investors are realising that Africa is good for business. Strong economic growth, business friendly reforms, mature financial institutions and some large economies add up to an enticing proposition. At the same time, increased investor interest is having a beneficial impact on many African countries: business is good for Africa. Business Action for Africa and Ernst & Young invited a range of business, donor and academic leaders to share their perspectives on the New Africa.