Business Fights Poverty
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  • Environment Business Fights Poverty Magazine 2022

    Business Fights Poverty Magazine

    Across the world, a confluence of challenges— notably, COVID, conflict, and climate change—is driving a poverty tsunami that is already crashing into people’s lives. Inside this latest magazine, you will find articles about businesses are building breakwaters to protect the growing number of vulnerable people against the oncoming wave. Our magazines help you navigate the challenges of scaling your social impact and share some of the leading edge thinking on topics across the space.​ Download the latest issue and past issues by clicking on the Magazine cover.

  • Agriculture Farmer Segmentation Guide 2022

    Farmer Segmentation Guide

    This guide explains how the practice of farmer segmentation, if done well, can help businesses better tailor their interventions to support smallholder farmers in their global supply chains, leading to skills development, improved access to agricultural inputs, greater resilience, and eventually, a Living Income. Download it for an overview of the basic steps that any company would take to get started, and to find out how segmentation is already helping businesses reach their objectives while improving smallholder livelihoods.

  • Nutrition Food Fortification Workshop Summary 2022

    Food Fortification Workshop Summary

    This workshop summary explores how the public sector, private sector (including both local millers and multinational companies), and development organisations can work together to scale staple food fortification. Read it to discover key recommendations based on a two-pronged plan of action for collective advocacy and investment. With TechnoServe, Accenture, and endeva.

  • Environment Business and Climate Justice 2022

    Business and Climate Justice

    Climate change is affecting us all, but the most severe impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable people. This framework explores what climate justice means in practice and the actions that business can take. Use this guide to inform business action to put people at the centre of climate action. With the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School and Change by Degrees.

  • Environment Climate Justice Online Forum Discussions 2022

    Climate Justice Online Forum Discussions

    A summary of a series of online forum discussions about how business can put people at the heart of their climate actions. The series also covered the role of education and skills in the just transition and how thinking about diversity and inclusion can help spread the burdens and benefits of climate action.

  • Impact Poverty Tsunami Briefing Paper 2022

    Poverty Tsunami Briefing Paper

    COVID, conflict and climate change are among a confluence of challenges driving a tsunami of poverty that is already crashing into the lives of vulnerable people and communities around the world. This briefing explores these trends and the role businesses can and should play.

  • Impact The Case for Living Wages 2022

    The Case for Living Wages

    A report on how paying living wages throughout core operations and the value chain strengthens business performance, resilience and stability, while delivering measurable social impact and enabling businesses to more effectively deliver on human and labour rights obligations. Published with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Shift, with support from Unilever.

  • Women ACTION TOOLKIT: Women and the Net Zero Economy 2021

    ACTION TOOLKIT: Women and the Net Zero Economy

    A toolkit on how companies can transition to a net-zero economy at the same time as economically empowering the many vulnerable women working upstream in global value chains. With the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office's Work and Opportunities for Women Programme, PwC and the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Agriculture Enhancing the Livelihoods of 'Hidden Women' in Global Smallholder Value Chains 2021

    Enhancing the Livelihoods of 'Hidden Women' in Global Smallholder Value Chains

    A summary of an online discussion about how business and their partners can recognise, value, and enhance the contributions of the “hidden women” in global smallholder value chains, on whom our global food supply systems depend. With Unilever and Oxfam GB.

  • Social Enterprise Creating An Environment Where Social Impact Businesses Can Thrive 2021

    Creating An Environment Where Social Impact Businesses Can Thrive

    An insights paper on how social entrepreneur leaders of colour in the U.S. are struggling to find sufficient investment to build businesses that serve their communities, with practical actions that need to be taken. With Barclays.