Paul Skinner

Podcast Interview

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Paul eloquently explains why the paradigm of competitive advantage in the world of business may be blinding us and holding back business success. He advocates for human purpose and our innate desire to collaborate to get the most out of our businesses – delivering collaborative advantage.

“Competitive advantage can most hold us back when we aren’t thinking about it. It has infiltrated our core assumptions. So, we need to actively overcome these cognitive biases. We need to ask new questions – not – what do we do best, but how do we enable people and the world to do better.” Explains Paul.

Paul challenges us around future trends that should be on our agenda. He suggests that the question should be “what is missing?”

He views an absence of understanding that profits are not always created equally as dangerous. If money is generated at the expense of people or planet, they shouldn’t be valued so highly. He highlights the opportunity for SMEs to deliver societal impact and would like to see MBA courses teaching the learnings from charities and social enterprises.


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