Business and forest communities can work together – Kinari Webb

Podcast Interview

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How do you tell a man not to cut down a tree in order to pay for a c-section for his wife? Saving, preserving and revitalising forests is complicated. Learn how business and forest communities can work together to stop deforestation.

Kinari Webb has devoted her life and work to tropical forests. Kinari is the founder of Health In Harmony, the author of “Guardians of the Trees” and winner of the UN Momentum for Change Climate Action Award in 2020. During our conversation Kinari powerfully advocates for solutions to rainforest logging and degradation to be generated by the people who live, work and obtain their livelihoods from them. Kinari shares how business and forest communities are working together to improve business decision making, reduce deforestation and create lasting resilience to forest protection.

She talks candidly about the positive ways businesses can take action to remove deforestation from their value chains and develop a people centred approach to climate action. Before sharing why local communities within forests might simply be asking for health care access and organic farming practices to regenerate and protect forests.

This podcast forms part of a short series on putting people at the heart of climate action and what Climate Justice can mean for business.


Health In Harmony
Guardians of the Trees
UN Momentum for Change Climate Action Award

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