Indian Green Company to Create 25,000 Jobs and Boost Clean Energy Access in Ghana

Lorin Kavanaugh-Ulku, BCtA

Indian Green Company to Create 25,000 Jobs and Boost Clean Energy Access in Ghana

Abellon CleanEnergy Ltd, a sustainable energy company based in India, today pledged to create 25,000 jobs over the next five years, and produce clean, affordable energy that could power 100,000 homes in Ghana.

The commitment to the Business Call to Action (BCtA) – a global initiative that aims to support the private sector’s efforts to fight poverty through its core business – is also expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over one million tons by 2015.

“Abellon’s commitment is a concrete and effective example of how the private sector can adopt sustainable, pro-poor business strategies to tackle the twin global challenges of poverty and climate change,” said BCtA Programme Manager, Natalie Africa.

Through this initiative, Abellon will convert 10,000 hectares of degraded earth into agricultural land with crops such as bamboo, palmarosa and sweet sorghum that require little to no irrigation, and are not used primarily for food.

Some 21,000 farmers will be employed through this scheme, and will receive assistance and training to grow these crops. Abellon will then purchase their harvest and convert it into fuel at a planned biofuel manufacturing plant. The company will then convert the bio-fuel into clean energy at a mid-size bio-power plant that it will also build.

By 2015, this power plant is expected to produce enough clean energy that, upon sale, could meet the needs of up to 100,000 homes. An additional 4,000 skilled and unskilled workers will be employed as technicians, fabricators, engineers and agronomists along the entire energy production process.

“We are dedicated to partnering with Ghana in the domain of clean energy and low carbon economic processes,” said Aditya Handa, Managing Director of Abellon CleanEnergy Ltd. “Our aim is to create a holistic and sustainable approach of energy production that helps meet national economic and energy goals, and creates real development impact for local communities.”

Abellon’s commitment to renewable energy is based on a philosophy of non-conflict of food, fodder and fuel. This focuses on the conversion of biomass waste from crops into fuel, and then into energy using innovative, low-carbon conversion techniques.

This contributes to Ghana’s Strategic National Energy Plan to increase and diversify the country’s energy source so that 10 percent of total energy is based on renewable energy sources.

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