The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is creating the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in a generation, threatening the lives, livelihoods, and learning of people around the world. Early May 2021, India reached new daily world records for the number of new infections. There was a specific need for oxygen generators, industrial and individual oxygen concentrators (to extract oxygen from the air), cryogenic tanks (for the storage and transportation of liquid oxygen), ventilators, and logistics support to get oxygen from national plants to hospitals.

Companies worked with NGOs and the Indian Government to contribute to the efforts to increase the supply of oxygen and other related equipment. This live mapping tool lists examples of actions taken by companies to identify and scale up solutions, through their core business capabilities and operations, philanthropy and social investments, and will also capture business engagement in policy dialogue and actions to help strengthen institutions as we move beyond the initial response phase. If you want to share another good practice example, or want to update one already included, you can do so here.