Climate Justice Summit 2022
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 Marcela Chacon, Bayer: “Climate change is not neutral to gender.”
Marcela Chacon, Bayer: "We've to work together in open partnerships & transparencies ... we have different vulnerabilities including the axis of the session, & that is to get access to formal education & access to labour."
Beatriz Tumoine, CEMEX: “Women are agents of change. Women are the key to sustainable and resilient communities. If we educate women, if we help them and enable them, they will make more sustainable decisions for the future.”
Franziska Deininger, World Bank Group, IFC: "It's about whose voices are at the decision making table & that's beyond gender dimension. It's about whose voices are present, & the risk in leaving those voices behind."
Justin White, Mars Global: "We cannot donate our way out of this issue of climate change & gender inequality, especially in global agricultural supply chain. We've to make sure that our investments in climate mitigation & resilience place #women at the center."
Anastasia Mbatia, Farm Africa : "We ensure that both men and women are trained on gender so that they can be able to appreciate the key role that women contribute in agriculture."
Franziska Deininger, World Bank Group, IFC: "Women are indeed change makers when it comes to climate change. And this is not adding to their burden of responsibility, but it's really about elevating women in situations of leadership & decision making to make sure that their voices are heard."
Laetitia Pettinotti, ODI Global: "...If businesses have to report on scope 3 emissions along their supply chain, how do we ensure this does not result in women being further marginalized?”
Elizabeth Vazquez, WEConnect International: “Don't reinvent the wheel as we already have good models within the environmental movement that we can use in the social movement for gender & inclusion.”
 Iman Bashir, School of International Futures: "You should hold on to your #youth forever, make sure your thoughts & ideas are always out of the box."
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