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Alyssa Rivera

Gelato  |  
Account Manager
Oslo, Norway

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About Me

I enjoy making things happen. I believe in doing good for the planet and people through business, with both profit and impact being measures of success. I love what I do.

The idea of inclusive business and social enterprise is to create benefits for companies, shareholders, and stakeholders. My focus areas within this field have included specific sectors, such as healthcare and ICT, and cross-cutting themes that include the replication of successful business models and creative partnerships. I am passionately curious about how technology can be applied to and revolutionize lives and business in emerging and developing markets, and in applying inclusive and social business approaches to new sectors, geographies, and ideas.

Since 2015 I joined Gelato AS on a journey to change one of the world’s largest and oldest industries - printing. We have created a global on-demand printing platform that allows companies to print locally in 30 countries, with delivery to 105 countries. We are building a future where as much printing as possible happens in the local market, allowing customers to reduce waste while printing much more personalised content for each store, customer, or reseller. Helping to build Gelato has been an amazing adventure and learning experience!

I hold a B.A. in Economics and M.A. in International Economics, and have completed dozens of projects for companies of all sizes, government ministries, international organizations, and other clients to the highest professional standard. I am ambitious, motivated, and love nothing more than a good challenge.


I am a social entrepreneur,I work for a company

My Topics

  • Base of the Pyramid
  • Education
  • Finance and Investment
  • Health
  • Inclusive Business Models
  • Measuring Impact
  • Social Enterprise
  • Technology


I am a social entrepreneur,I work for a company