Resource Kits

Explore our issue-based resource kits with downloadable, co-created learning resources. Everything you need to inform your organisation’s social impact strategy and stay ahead of emerging social impact trends.​

How to Empower Women & Achieve Net Zero in Business?

This Resource Kit includes practical tools for empowering women and achieving net zero emissions in business. It provides strategies for integrating women’s empowerment into climate action, offers insights into uplifting women in rural economies, and explores the intersection of environmental and social challenges, highlighting the need for inclusive and equitable solutions in corporate practices, philanthropy, and policy advocacy.

How Can Businesses Put People at the Heart of Climate Action?

This Resource Kit, supported by Pearson and developed with Change by Degrees, includes practical tools for putting people at the heart of climate action. It applies principles of climate justice to actions companies can take across their core business, philanthropy and policy advocacy.