Business Fights Poverty


  • International Finance Corporation
  • Anglo American
  • Care International

challenge description

The challenge

It is widely recognised that gender-based violence (GBV) has numerous negative consequences on society, and involves a set of complex issues such as power relations, social norms and values, culture and access to education and healthcare. A wide variety of initiatives and campaigns have been launched in an attempt to reduce incidences of GBV and its effects. Companies have also responded by joining movements and introducing policies, but GBV still has a high prevalence. This Challenge will aim to deepen business understanding of the issue of GBV, and explore what more they can do, based on practical case studies and evidence. Ultimately, we aim to help companies develop and deliver commitments on GBV.

The output

A business guide with actionable insights that companies can take into their business on why and how businesses can tackle GBV, with lessons from concrete examples and practical tools and resources. We will also mobilise business voices in support of wider action, including in the context of the proposed ILO Convention on ending violence and harassment.

The timeframe

10 months, ending December 2019