Business Fights Poverty

challenge description

The challenge

Business Fights Poverty is coordinating an urgent process across businesses to accelerate local action and support real-time best-practice learning across markets. The work is being spearheaded by Myriam Sidibe, renowned handwashing expert, and anchored around country-level action, including the National Business Compact on COVID-19, a national business coalition campaign in Kenya.

The global knowledge-sharing process is in partnership with the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, and a growing coalition of business networks, including Business Partners for Sustainable Development (BPSD), an initiative of the United States Council for International Business, and UNDP Business Call to Action.

The output

Support rapid learning and action, with a focus on how businesses can prevent and mitigate the impacts for the most vulnerable in their value chains and in the communities in which they operate. We are developing a live database of good-practice case studies, as well as an action framework and toolkit.

Crowdsource expert insights, case studies, insights, tools and resources, through an integrated mix of public online events and private peer group spaces. To drive sharing and inspire business action are developing a range of short-form video, audio, infographic and written content.

Facilitate action by signposting companies and individuals wanting to provide financial and/or in-kind support to on-the-ground organisations running mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery initiatives.

The timeframe

March 2020 - March 2021