Technology and Human Rights

Explore the shift from cash to digital wage payments and its implications for women and businesses. This transition offers improved financial management for women and operational efficiencies for businesses. The Better than Cash Alliance share how digital payments contribute to economic stability and gender equity, supporting global gender equity goals.
Having the means to engage effectively online is key in improving education and employment opportunities for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, but is becoming increasingly difficult amid the cost-of-living crisis. Here, Guy Miller, CEO of full fibre network operator MS3 Networks, explores the digital divide’s negative impact on social mobility, and how businesses can tackle it.
Watch this Fireside Chat for a conversation on the nexus of AI and equity. Interviewees: Edward Tay, Associate Professor (Practice) in Sustainability and Sustainable
The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, in partnership with Intuit, has published cutting-edge research, revealing the challenges, motivations and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries in 2023, strongly linked to digital access and experiences. Here, the Foundation’s CEO, Dhivya O’Connor, shares the report’s key findings and calls for urgent action from the private sector to support women’s entrepreneurship and digital inclusion.
In partnership with USAID and the Microsoft Airband Initiative, grantee M-KOPA increases Kenyan women’s access to affordable smartphones, advancing women’s economic opportunities, and fostering more inclusive Internet connectivity.
Explore Strive Community’s Small Business Evidence Map: an innovative tool with 100+ studies aiding impactful digital support strategies for small businesses, focusing on unique needs and effective approaches for women-owned enterprises
Watch this Fireside Chat with Hand in Hand on how we can create a compelling business case for regenerative farming for women smallholders at
Watch this Workshop with Standard Chartered (Futuremakers by Standard Chartered | Lifting participation with inclusive entrepreneurship) to learn from leading female tech entrepreneurs who
Watch this Fireside Chat with Standard Chartered (Futuremakers by Standard Chartered | Lifting participation with inclusive entrepreneurship) to hear how inclusion and equity in

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Discover how technology can bolster human rights protections and governance, providing innovative solutions for global challenges.

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