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This World Children’s Day, the UK hosts the Global Food Security Summit, addressing Zero Hunger and malnutrition. Amid alarming UN projections of over 600 million people facing hunger by 2030, the summit focuses on empowering smallholder farmers and leveraging technology for a sustainable, resilient food system
Strive Community has launched the first version of their Small Business Evidence Map, a tool that charts the impact of digital and data-first support on small businesses. A resource for organisations that support small businesses to go digital, allowing users to understand the current state of evidence and explore more about what does—and doesn’t—have an impact on small businesses.
Harnessing Generative AI for Social Impact: Driving Access to Quality Education Our hybrid workshop with Pearson mapped out the opportunities and risks of generative
Rethinking Business Partnerships for the SDGs This hybrid workshop with Meta builds on the latest research by the UN on transformations to accelerate progress
Watch this hybrid workshop with Walmart to hear the latest thinking on how businesses can partner on an inclusive digital future for employees, suppliers
PLEASE RETURN TO THIS PAGE ON THE 6TH OF OCTOBER TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO Watch this hybrid workshop with Pearson to learn about