Real-time information for famers enables climate change adaption

How does Lentera use data to enable farmers to adapt to climate change? We use satellite and weather data to provide farmers with crop specific advice with regards to fertilizers, pests and diseases, and water management of their farms. This helps farmers adapt their agronomy practices in line with changing climate patterns. We also use […]

Progress in closing the gender gap in mobile internet use has stalled

Progress in closing the gender gap in mobile internet use has stalled More than 3.2 billion people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) now access the internet on a mobile phone. Mobile is the primary way men and women access the internet in LMICs, accounting for 85% of broadband connections in 2021.[1] Despite the critical […]

Bridging the Supply Chain Gender Gap through Digital Training

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the lives of approximately 190 million women workers in global supply chains. Employees needed to access critical information on health, financial resilience, and tools for building harmonious relationships and handling stress. Since on-site training was no longer an option, HERproject kickstarted HERessentials, a tablet-based learning app for workers and managers, in Pakistan, India, […]

It’s time to collect more and better gender-disaggregated supply chain data

The reality, however, is that most supply chain data is largely gender blind, meaning it views workers as a homogenous group. This lack of gender-disaggregation limits our understanding of certain risks, disparities, and inequities that may be gender sensitive. It also impedes our ability to determine   whether supply chain programmes and initiatives are having equal outcomes […]

Comic Relief and Jersey Overseas Aid are making a difference

As Red Nose Day 2022 returned on Friday 18th March, we wanted to celebrate some of the incredible work our partners are doing to help change lives in communities around the world. We have been working with Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) since 2018, running a jointly funded four-year programme which aims to bring about financial […]

Using gender data to translate inclusion strategies into programming reality

At GROW Liberia we love data! And as an economic development programme we must love data: we count the number of jobs created, incomes improved, number of partners, amount of fertiliser sold and on goes the list. Data is essential for accountability to funders, in our case Sida. It is also essential for iterative, results-driven […]

Turning an Onboarding Exercise into a Knowledge Hub for Gender Mainstreaming

When I joined iDE as the gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) manager in April of 2021, it had been years since I’d worked in the international development sector. In truth, I was feeling like a fish out of water. During my onboarding process, I learned all about iDE and our founder Paul Polack who […]

Bridging the gender digital divide for Indigenous women in Guatemala

“I do not understand how [Internet] coverage works, but I do know that I want this project in our community,” said Nadia Macz Sel, a representative from a savings and entrepreneurship program in Guatemala. “I want my kids to have access to electricity, Internet, and a computer. It might be too late for me, but […]