Supply & Demand

What do we mean by "Supply & Demand"?

New report launched at Business Fights Poverty Climate Justice Summit. Supply Chain Decarbonisation with a Gender Lens: Practical Guidance for Global Businesses
Explore the journey of Turkish hazelnuts from soil to snack, learn how these premium nuts, grown in the climate of the Black Sea region, become global confectionery and healthy snacks, all while uplifting local communities.
Better data and social performance benchmarks are critical to achieving more sustainable and equitable value chains. Tom Adams and Madeline Copp of 60 Decibels discuss the need to listen to farmers directly and at scale in order to improve their livelihoods.
Fairtrade’s recently launched sustainable agriculture policy calls for resilient food systems built on agroecology – that is, the application of environmentally, economically and socially responsible principles to farming. Here are five reasons why our current food and farming policies need a complete reset – and how we can do it.
Fairtrade intensifies fight against cocoa child labor with a new program. Despite challenges, the €450,000 budget aims to generate additional income for co-ops, offer education grants, and support poverty-alleviating projects. Co-ops’ innovative proposals will be funded based on impact and scalability.
Climate-driven Loss and Damage is bad for business and customers, but worst for the world’s economic backbone: women on the frontline of climate change. If their ability to manage climate change is not supported, business continuity stalls. Companies should support women, alongside civil society and policymakers, to foster a global economy that delivers for everyone.