Effective Partnerships: Key to Supporting Climate Vulnerable Communities

A quarter of the world’s population already faces significant flood risk, which is particularly challenging for people already living in or vulnerable to poverty. Which is why our partnership with Zurich Insurance to help change the way flood risk is understood and managed so that communities can continue to thrive is so important. Ten years […]

Five Lessons from Ten Corporate-Charity Partnerships

In one of my series of articles about progress on eliminating world poverty in the last 25 years, I talked about why it’s not just about official aid. Government policy and the private sector really matter too. At CARE I worked with ten of the UK’s largest FTSE100 companies. And I gave a couple of […]

Deeper Collaboration to Cut Value Chain Emissions: Are We Missing a Trick? 

Air Pollution

Innovative, deeper partnerships between businesses and their suppliers can play a vital role in bringing value chain emissions down faster and more equitably. There is growing focus on value chain (scope 3) emissions[1] as the next frontier in the race to net zero, and businesses increasingly talk of partnerships with suppliers as essential to meeting […]

Join the Futuremakers Forum 2022

How can we, together, put young people into the driving seat and create the financial systems they need to achieve success? Nearly 1 in 4 young female entrepreneurs say they don’t control their own money; 75% of young people with business bank accounts say they assumed they weren’t eligible for any further financial products and […]

Why decolonizing philanthropy is important now more than ever and how to achieve it

In the nonprofit world, organizations often talk about bringing community members in to have a seat at the table. This is especially true as organizations now work to meaningfully respond to persisting inequity in the nonprofit space. However, at The InteRoots Initiative – a United States-based philanthropic organization that works both domestically and globally – […]

Prioritising engaging with workers and other stakeholders for human rights

Ensuring corporate respect for human rights is fundamentally about people, revolving around how companies become aware of, prevent, mitigate and remediate actual and potential negative impacts on the rights of individuals and communities. Respecting the rights of these people can only be done effective by seeking to understand their experiences and perspectives. In other words, […]

The path to living wages for low-paid workers worldwide

Recent crises worldwide have highlighted how fragile our global supply chains can be when disaster strikes. Whether it’s Covid-19, climate or conflict-related, these crises underscore the importance of ensuring the people who produce our goods and food earn enough to protect their livelihoods from shocks.  At Fairtrade, we are committed to achieving living wages for […]

Robust social metrics for ESG investing: A practical way for boards to invest for impact

A new report published by Citigroup with SOPHIA Oxford shows how multidimensional social factors can be used by investors and corporates to reduce poverty, lower risk and open up large financial investment opportunities. The innovative approach based on a proved Oxford methodology looks at indicators that can flow from the household level through to the […]

Boda Boda, Economic Development and the Future of Work

The term BodaBoda originated from Busia County, Kenya in the late 80s. It was used to refer to bicycle taxis that drove passengers and light luggage across the border town of Malaba. The cyclists of these taxis would shout, “Border!Border!Border……” to attract those that were heading towards the Ugandan border. Thus the adoption of the […]

Looking ahead to 2022: climate justice, food systems and the private sector

Accelerating climate justice Maria Claudia, our Business Development Officer in the Peru office took part in the Climate Justice series event at COP 26 as a panellist with others from Facebook, HBL Habib Bank and BioMec where they discussed and shared questions with young innovators at the forefront of creating our green inclusive future. Overall, […]