What Loss and Damage Means for Human Rights and Your Business

Kopila Tharu fishing in a traditional way in the Karnali Rive

Skyrocketing prices and empty shelves have made headlines again this year and a standout factor is the escalating impact of climate change. This is bad for businesses and customers, but worst for the world’s poorest communities who produce food and goods for the local and global economy. One key issue is ‘Loss and Damage’: the […]

Opportunities in Africa: Innovation and Digital Infrastructure

The world of technology is changing rapidly and the African continent is changing with it. For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population is using the Internet – of all regions, the strongest growth has been reported in Africa. It is a continent full of hope and innovation, in particular […]

Five Years after Rana Plaza, We Still Must Do More to Empower Women Workers in Bangladesh

Five years ago, a building housing a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed, killing 1,134 people. The deadliest structural failure in modern human history, the Rana Plaza tragedy turned the eyes of the world to Bangladesh and sparked a conversation about compliance and building safety. Since then, brands and the development community have come to […]

Regional Integration: ‘If You Build It, They Will Come’

Sub-Saharan Africa trades with itself far less than it does with other regions of the world, but intra-regional economic integration could be a way to drive job creation and inclusive growth. When DHL found that the roads through Northern Nigeria linking the economic and political hubs of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt to the Cameroonian […]

M4D: Addressing The Infrastructure Access Gap

Women fetching water near Tambacounda, Eastern Senegal The GSMA and DFID announced on the 20th of October that an additional £6 million in funding has been provided by DFID to extend the GSMA’s work to improve energy, water and sanitation, as part of its newly branded Mobile for Development Utilities programme. The programme builds on […]

Building Infrastructure for Under-Served Markets

Finalist for Youth Business International’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Award In just three years, Sharad Tandale has created a successful infrastructure engineering company employing 175 people and providing a range of services to meet the huge demand in the neglected and underserved small towns and rural areas of India. Sharad’s business, Innovation Engineers […]