Amanda Bowman: Clinton Global Initiative’s Top Five Trends in Employee Engagement

Wow. New York was busy last week. Capitalising on the UN General Assembly meetings, many other organisations took the opportunity to bring people together to forward their agendas. IBLF was involved with several events – the UN Private Sector Forum, The Global Business Coalition on Health, a Business Call to Action private breakfast, the UN […]

RIO+20 – Business and Management Education Providers Must Work Closer together

By Clare Melford, CEO, IBLF At Rio+20 I attended the 3rd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education which is the official platform for management-related Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) at Rio. I was there amongst almost 300 representatives of management-related academic institutions as one of the voices of business. We were there to consider the business […]

IBLF – Expert Insight: Jon Samuel of Anglo American

IBLF – Expert Insight: Jon Samuel of Anglo American from Business Fights Poverty on Vimeo. IBLF spoke to Jon Samuel, Head of Social Performance at Anglo American for the Expert Insight series in a special edition in association with Business Fights Poverty. We spoke to Jon about the social and environmental challenges shaping business and […]

Barend van Bergen: Sustainability Fundamental to Long-Term Business Performance

Almost four years ago, while being seconded from KPMG to the WBCSD, I was involved in a series of workshops aimed at involving the capital markets in sustainability. Reflecting now on the lively conversations that took place, I genuinely believe we have made some progress. Although I never predicted events would unfold as they have, […]

Amanda Bowman: 10 Steps to Success in International Corporate Volunteering

By Amanda Bowman, IBLF In Part 1 of this blog, I looked at how 2011 had been a good year for International Corporate Volunteering (ICV). We define ICV as being one distinct form of employee community engagement – placing employees in foreign country assignments and contributing their skills to support the improvement of communities, social […]

Mark Foster: Rebuilding Trust in Volatile Times

We are in a period of unprecedented volatility and dynamism. The daily news brings conflicting signals about the pace, nature or durability of any recovery and the macro-global picture is also far from clear. Economic power bases and traditional orders are shifting – and not in predictable ways. China, India and Brazil continue to develop […]

Joe Phelan: Time for Business and NGOs to Move from High Ground to Common Ground

By Joe Phelan, India Country Director, IBLF Change is afoot in India, as the debate on the role of business to support inclusive growth shifts from theory to implementation. The new landscape is one where companies are mandated by government to spend a proportion of their profits on CSR initiatives while major aid agencies are […]

Clare Melford: Four Things Progressive Companies are Exploring Now

At a recent university reunion event, I met my old tutor. His eyes lit up as I told him about the work we’re doing at IBLF with global business leaders. “Maybe some of them would be willing to be the research subjects of my latest paper,” said the renowned neuroscientist. I asked what it was […]