Gender Summit

What do we mean by "Gender Summit"?

Rathi Mani-Kandt’s article reveals the untapped economic potential of women entrepreneurs. As CARE USA’s Director, she highlights how investing in women could boost the global economy by $10 trillion by 2030. This insightful piece emphasises women’s pivotal role in driving global economic growth and prosperity.
A workshop on how to manage Scope 3 emissions and integrate a gender lens into your decarbonisation plans. Discover what other companies are trialling
A workshop on developing workplace policies to address gender-based violence (GBV) across multiple markets. Learn from real-life examples and explore the importance of collaborating
A thought-provoking Fireside Chat on the critical role of women in vaccination uptake. With rates of preventable diseases falling globally, women are essential in
A Twitter Space session on how businesses can help champion female-led enterprises. Although women-led businesses are increasing, they still only make up 25-35% of
A panel-led workshop on the latest trends and lessons on how to support female entrepreneurs. Our opening speakers ignited creativity, encouraging us to tackle
A Fireside Chat with two social impact pioneers on their insights on what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur. Discover how to
Gender equity is a driver of resilience, both for women and also for the businesses that work with them across their value chains. In
This session explored the central theme of International Women’s Day – the important role that women leaders are playing in driving a more sustainable
Hosted with UN Foundation Responsible Sourcing holds the promise to improve the lives of millions of women workers globally. Corporate leaders have offered researchers