New Research Reveals the Benefits and Costs of Gender-Smart Technical Assistance to SMEs and Investors

Woman smiling, Selling Banana's on a stall

Gender lens investing includes three key entry points for investors: (1) providing capital to women-led/founded companies and/or gender-forward businesses; (2) applying a gender lens to the investment cycle, such as during pipeline development; and (3) funding and supporting the design and implementation of gender-inclusive technical assistance (TA) activities. Investors often focus on the first two […]

Why the Burden on Business Women to ‘do it all’ Must Stop

Shadab Khan in workshop arms crossed

Glorifying multi-tasking by women entrepreneurs must stop. Women the world over are often celebrated for juggling their business with childcare and household responsibilities. The assumption that a woman should be the primary caregiver and the man should be the breadwinner are norms so entrenched they remain consistently unchallenged. This needs to change. NGOs and businesses […]

Stronger Together: How the Food Fortification Ecosystem Can Fight Malnutrition

Stronger together – how the food fortification ecosystem can fight malnutrition by supporting small and medium-sized millers What do the World Food Programme, BASF, Royal DSM and Nigeria Flour Mills have in common? They all recognize the key role of small-scale and medium-sized millers to bring food fortification to scale, as part of national strategies […]

Making the Care Economy Everyone’s Business

Take our survey to help us better understand business motivations for addressing the care economy and how entrepreneurs innovating in this space could support your business.  Are you an FMCG company, concerned about the double day women in your supply chain are working – at the factory and then at home. What does this do […]

Network of Small-Scale farmers in India Tackle Climate Change

Naga sticky rice being harvested by a small farmers group in Nagaland, India

“It was a turning point for me,” said Ruchi Jain, Founder and CEO of Taru Naturals, about her trip to the villages of small-scale farmers in India struggling with the effects of climate change. “I realized that if you want to make a big impact on the world, you have to be grassroots-based—it has to be […]

Effective Support for Women Entrepreneurs Goes Beyond Skills Training

Effective Support for Women Entrepreneurs Goes Beyond Skills Training Bernadette Sambo is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three in Maputo province, Mozambique. The challenge of balancing these roles is only made more difficult by restrictive gender-based social and familial expectations. “It had been very difficult to work and negotiate with my husband,” she recalls. […]

New Report: Women Champion Forest Conservation in Bale, Ethiopia

A new report outlines how Farm Africa and SOS Sahel Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains Eco-region REDD+ forest conservation programme in Oromia, Ethiopia has achieved impressive results in reducing deforestation, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and increasing household incomes and gender equality. Since 2012, Farm Africa has been working in partnership with the NGO SOS Sahel Ethiopia, with […]

Steps for improving incomes in banana supply chains

Fairtrade banana farmer Juan Roberto, from Peru carrying Bananas in a field

Banana producers face an ever-tightening financial squeeze, caused by soaring export costs, plummeting import prices, climate change, Covid-19, supermarket price wars and the fusarium TR4 fungus. Add to this rising food prices and shortages of farming inputs like fertiliser, and you have a perfect storm. These challenges threaten the prospects of smallholder banana farmers and […]

Advancing Gender Equality through Inclusive Distribution Networks

Advancing Gender Equality through Inclusive Distribution Networks Women play a vital role in fast-moving consumer goods, or FMCG, value chains. Much of the focus on accelerating gender equality in this space, however, has been limited to supporting women suppliers. Women can also play key roles in FMCG value chains, both as distributors and as retailers. […]