The Unprecedented Potential of Africa’s Future Generations

Pupils in class at a KwaraLEARN school in Nigeria

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” Spoken by Nelson Mandela, these words ring true, eluding time and geopolitical context. For Africa, they resonate today more than ever before because of our historic boom in the population of young people. This International Day of the African Child, June 16, is arguably the most […]

To Build Thriving Cocoa Communities, Educate the Children

The theme of this year’s UN International Day of Education, “to invest in people, prioritize education,” resonates with us at Cargill as it aligns with the work we are doing in cocoa growing communities. In these communities, improving access to quality education helps keep children away from child labor and grants them the opportunity to […]

Boosting Learning Gains for Children Living in Underserved Communities

Boosting Learning Gains for Children Living in Underserved Communities A Nobel Prize-winning economist has confirmed among the largest learning gains ever measured by a major study in international education. The groundbreaking study, led by Professor Michael Kremer, the 2019 Nobel Prize-winning economist, suggests that children living in underserved communities receive 53% more learning in NewGlobe-supported schools […]

Supporting a new generation of green and social entrepreneurs

Throughout our global network, we are seeing more and more young entrepreneurs build businesses that deliver profit with purpose. They are the new generation entrepreneurs working to solve some of the greatest environmental and social challenges of our time and will play a vital role in creating a more equitable and sustainable world for us […]

Comic Relief and Jersey Overseas Aid are making a difference

As Red Nose Day 2022 returned on Friday 18th March, we wanted to celebrate some of the incredible work our partners are doing to help change lives in communities around the world. We have been working with Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) since 2018, running a jointly funded four-year programme which aims to bring about financial […]

A Fairer Future for All Means Gender Equality Now

Women have long been the backbone of our planet’s agricultural production. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that women today make up 60 to 80 percent of the farmers present in non-industrialized countries and that up to 70 percent of agricultural labour in some countries comes from women alone. This is a staggering number. […]

Why working with men is key to fighting inequality

Across Tanzania women make up over half of the agricultural workforce. They earn, on average, a third of what men do, and many will not get paid at all. Farm work is heavy, physical labour, and, on top of that, women are solely responsible for domestic work and childcare. The communities we operate in are […]

Bridging the gender digital divide for Indigenous women in Guatemala

“I do not understand how [Internet] coverage works, but I do know that I want this project in our community,” said Nadia Macz Sel, a representative from a savings and entrepreneurship program in Guatemala. “I want my kids to have access to electricity, Internet, and a computer. It might be too late for me, but […]

The time to accelerate the “S” in ESG is now

She looks up with tears in her eyes and explains in Bengali that her children are now too old, and she missed her chance to get the legal allowed months for mother’s leave. The scene takes place in a small humid room in one of the thousands of factories in the ready-made garment sector in […]

Addressing Forced Labor from the Bottom Up

Forced labor, also referred to as modern slavery or involuntary work, is one of the most pervasive issues facing supply chains today. According to estimates from the International Labor Organization (ILO), there are 25 million people in forced labor. Forced labor can take many forms in the supply chain from debt bonded labor to underage/child […]