From Zero to Hero: Establishing the Commercial Mung Bean Sector in Indonesia

Mung bean farmer, Wendeilina in Malaka, Timor Island, Indonesia.

From Zero to Hero: Establishing the Commercial Mung Bean Sector in Indonesia The mighty mung beans generate a triple benefit for smallholder farmers — additional income, affordable nutrient-rich food, and increased soil fertility. They’re also low maintenance, have minimal production costs, and a short growing time. It’s no surprise that they’re a popular crop, with […]

Women Smallholders Will Drive Africa’s Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

An estimated 140 million people in Africa are facing acute food insecurity[1], yet, in Kenya alone, 50% of all productive soil is badly degraded. Worse still, because of record droughts, half of Kenyan farmers have harvested nothing in the last four seasons. Regenerative agriculture techniques offer the world’s poorest farmers a lifeline, restoring soils and […]

Millers Change the Game for Food Fortification

WEF Meeting 2023 Discussing Food Fortification

Food fortification has been recognized as a highly effective intervention to counter malnutrition, and it has been the subject of events and commitments at the Davos World Economic Forums before. But millers – shorthand for the food processors who produce fortified staples, including rice, flour and oil – have not historically been at the centre […]

Seafood’s Social Justice Problem: How to Better Share the Benefits of Aquatic Foods

_Fish market, Vĩnh Trường_ by Khánh Hmoong is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0_3.jpg

The global fish and seafood sector – the world’s fastest growing food-producing industry – is at a crisis point. The narrow pursuit of profit has led not only to unsustainable growth but to the exclusion of entire communities, undermining social justice, mobility and progress. Three countries – China, Norway and Peru – account for almost a quarter of […]

Women Cotton Farmers and Climate Solutions

Rohtak, Haryana, India – September 11, 2013: Female farmer of Indian ethnicity standing portrait near cotton crop field.

I was very happy to be a part of Business Fights Poverty’s Climate Justice Summit. The topic of conversation – gender equity and its role in combatting climate change – is one of the most pertinent subjects. And it got me seriously thinking about the work we’re doing at CottonConnect, and how we can boost […]

Why Businesses Must Focus on Putting People at the Heart of Climate Action Strategies

We’ve heard many pledges by businesses and governments to go further, create real and lasting change in cocoa supply chains, and ensure a better future for farming communities and our climate. However, turning those promises into action remains a challenge. Across the world, cocoa-growing communities face daily struggles from low prices to climate fluctuations, resulting […]