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  • Teodora Berkova

    Teodora Berkova

    Podcast interview with Teodora Berkova, Director of Social Innovation, Pearson

  • Julie Wallace

    Julie Wallace

    Podcast interview with Julie Wallace, Global Head, Community Engagement, Standard Chartered

  • Andrew Palmer

    Andrew Palmer

    Podcast interview with Andrew Palmer, Stakeholder and Policy Manager, CDC

  • Tim Fort

    Tim Fort

    Interview with Tim Fort, Eveleigh Professor of Business Ethics, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

  • Jeric Sevilla, Manilla Water

    Jeric Sevilla, Manilla Water

    Interview with Jeric Sevilla, Head, Corporate Communications, Manila Water Company, Incorporated


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Corporate Social Innovation: Prototyping, Piloting and Iterating

Posted at 10:41am on Saturday 17th February 2018
Developing a new product with social impact? Your first take on the product is unlikely to be your last. Damian Payiatakis, Director of Impact Investing at Barclays, shares his advice on navigating the process in this latest video in our Corporate Social Innovation series. To watch the full video, and to access others in the series, click here: More

» Supporting the SDGs through the Power of Data

Posted at 8:00am on Friday 9th February 2018
In our latest blog post, GSMA shares concrete examples of how an industry sector is using partnerships and data to deliver real impact on people’s lives. MORE here: More

» The Transition from Aid: Are Businesses Up To The Challenge?

Posted at 8:00am on Thursday 8th February 2018
"The transition from lower- to middle-income status is complex and raises significant questions for the role of aid in the years ahead. THET lays these difficult discussions on the table and helps businesses to think about how their philanthropic and business strategies align… or not." MORE in our latest blog: More

» A New Age of Startups: How Tunisia’s Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Boosting the Economy

Posted at 2:00pm on Wednesday 7th February 2018
The will of the young people of Tunisia to find solutions and innovate is clear. UNIDO’s Mashrou3i is empowering this generation to overcome the education and employment gap. Read More


Posted at 12:30pm on Wednesday 7th February 2018
"A social innovation needs a business model that puts it in consumers’ hands at a price they can afford" In this video, Erik Simanis, Partner at TIL Ventures, talks about creating the business model that will put your product or service in the hands of consumers at prices they can afford – and generate an adequate level of profit for your company. You can watch the full video and others in the series here: More

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