• Indiana University Kelley School of Business

challenge description

The challenge

Despite the fact that broad macroeconomic connections between business and peace have long been acknowledged more needs to be done. This Challenge aims to deepen understanding around the role that business can play in peacekeeping, peace making, and peace building. More specifically, this Challenge will raise awareness of current research highlight areas for further research; and draw practical lessons for business and other audiences.

The output

The Challenge output will be a set of Online Resources to deepen learning around the role of business in supporting peace, including practical insights for and from business. It will accompany a Special Issue on Business and Peace for Business Horizons being curated by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and will bring together written, audio and video content. The Challenge will explore why businesses might contribute to peace, practical examples of and lessons from businesses’ contributions, and how one might empirically assess the impact of business actions.

The timeframe

October - November 2016

event timeline

10 October: What role can business play in pursuit of peace? Read More