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challenge description

The challenge

Many food and beverage manufacturers support farmers in their supply chains in order to strengthen the quality, reliability and sustainability of critical supplies, for example through helping farmers improve their yields and reduce their costs. Increasingly, companies are seeing the value of a focus on improving farmers' incomes, going beyond reporting on the number of farmers reached or the volume of commodity purchased. Rising incomes clearly have great inherent value for farmers and wider society. Business also benefits because prospering farmers can invest more, strengthening the quality and consistency of supply, as well as reduce pressures on young people to leave farming for jobs in cities. Stakeholder expectations of business are also growing.

The output

A White Paper will be produced outlining the benefits to business, society and smallholders of growth in incomes. The Paper will identify the critical levers that influence smallholder farmers’ incomes, and provide guidance on the roles companies and others can play in using those levers to help increase incomes. The Challenge will also stimulate a deeper dialogue within companies and with other stakeholders on different actors’ roles in helping to improve farmers' incomes.

The timeframe

9 months, ending Q2 2017

event timeline

13 October: What roles should business and others play in enabling farmers to improve their incomes? Read More