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challenge description

The challenge

Providers of low cost education serve millions of families in developing countries. Some already offer a good education while charging little more than the (often hidden) costs of a state education. However, there are also many poor quality providers, genuine concerns about equity, and constraints on scaling up low cost, high quality education models. The Challenge will explore how BRAC (a Challenge partner) and other effective providers have played a role in overcoming equity and quality issues in low cost private education. It will draw on investors’ influence and other opportunities to help apply those lessons on equity and quality, working with providers, regulators and those who shape the debate on private provision of education for the poorest.

The output

A toolkit will be produced to help investors frame interventions that will overcome equity challenges in low cost private education and support parents’ ability to make informed choices, based on quality of provision, for their children’s schooling. A paper will also outline principles for the kind of regulation that effectively supports quality, equity, investment and scalability in low cost private education provision, as a basis for investors’ and providers’ engagement with regulators and those who influence them.

The timeframe

6 months ending Q2 2017

event timeline

24 March: How can business help strengthen provision of high quality, low cost education services for the poor? Read More